So today I took the leap and made my site live. I’m learning as I go.

I have spent years raising a challenging child. I thought building a website would be easier than raising that child but maybe I was wrong!

Over 20 years ago, I was so desperate for help with my son that I tried everything. I searched and searched and found many things to read and do.

The one thing I did not find was a community. A place where other parents could encourage and support me.

My friends and family did not understand what I was experiencing and why I could not fall into a normal routine as they did. They tried to understand, but just could not.  Only someone who has been through the struggle and experienced the fear can understand.

I hope you will follow my new site and contribute if you can by sharing experience and information. Ask questions and seek inspiration from other parents of challenging children. I’ll share my story and what I have learned along the way. I hope to also offer some hope for you still in the day to day fight by telling you that things will get better. They do grow up and if you stay the course and refuse to give up, they will be just fine. They will grow into adults that can bring you joy and satisfaction.

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