Setbacks are Inevitable

A setback punches you in the gut and causes you to rethink all your progress.

The Challenging Child and Siblings

A challenging child in a family can create a difficult dynamic for other siblings.

Am I a Bad Mother?

I have to honestly ask myself if I was a bad mother. Did I rise to the challenge or fail?

Regular Ed or Special Ed? The Big Dilemma

If you parent a difficult child, you may face the difficult decision of regular education or special education.

Nature or nurture; born or made?

Call them challenging, difficult, spirited, or strong-willed. I’m often asked how a challenging child happens. Nature or nurture; born or made?

What Do You Fear Most?

If you have a challenging child, fear seems to always be with you.

Holding My Breath

Some days, I feel as if I have held my breath for my son’s entire life.

When Your Child is Left Out

Watching your child be excluded from the group, the party or the class is so painful that it is almost unbearable.  How do you cope?

Crying Baby Bootcamp

What do you do when your baby cries all the time?


I have spent years raising a challenging child. So today I took the leap and made my site live.